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Are you wanting to start your own business? Select Cleaning has cleaning franchises for sale throughout Melbourne. For many years we have been successfully supporting those who operate SelectCleaning businesses in Australia. Our job is to try to help others achieve the most from this great opportunity.

We have helped dozens of people experience financial and personal success with the help of the SelectCleaning business system. With over 120 Australian Franchisees there's no better time to own a cleaning franchise business. Get started today!


Be Your Own Boss:

Break Free from the tedious 9 to 5 work routine. Become inspired to reach your life goals - you wish to be available for children after school or to build a bigger business with staff.

Control Your Income

Make Good Money, working your own hours. Now that you’re the boss you can make decisions that influence your success and prosperity.

Time With Your Family:

You can finally manage and enjoy a rewarding balance between cleaning work and family commitments. While we work during normal business hours you can choose how many customers you want & whether you build your business with staff or family.

Use A Proven System:

There are over 300 franchisees in Australia and New Zealand, with 120 Australian Franchisees working the hours they want!

Why Join Select Cleaning?

Select Cleaning is a premier home cleaning franchise. Established in 2004 as part of one of New Zealand’s most successful commercial cleaning franchises (CleanTastic) to cater for the burgeoning market for quality home services. Once the domain of high-income households, the majority of customers are now ‘middle New Zealand’ who are simply too busy.

Join our growing list of local franchisees, who are located in; Balwyn North, Box Hill, Brookfield, Clyde North, Cranbourne East, Croydon, Doreen, Doveton, Ferntree Gully, Fitzroy, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley, Hallam, Heidelberg Heights, Hillside, Hoppers Crossing, Lalor, Lynbrook, Melton South, Mont Albert North, Murrumbeena, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Plumpton, Ringwood, Ringwood East, Sydenham, Scoresby, Springvale, St Albans, Tarneit, Thomastown, Truganina, Vermont, Werribee, Williams Landing & Wollert.

Franchises available across Melbourne

Guaranteed Success

Here’s how we can help you:

The Select Cleaning model operates as a franchise business, meticulously crafted to deliver not just a uniform, quality service to our clients but also to furnish business ownership opportunities for a wide array of individuals. Our focus isn't solely on providing top-of-the-line hygienic cleaning solutions; we go a step further by ensuring all operators are security cleared and rigorously trained to meet the most stringent standards.

The domain of home cleaning presents a lucrative business opportunity particularly well-suited for prospective franchise owners. Amidst a backdrop of rapid global industry growth, Australia and New Zealand are keeping pace with this trend, making it a minimal risk endeavour for those entering this sector.

At Select Cleaning, we go beyond merely offering a service; we extend the chance for people from diverse backgrounds to secure their own cleaning contracts, thereby creating a new business within our tried and tested system. This is an opportunity for you to become a vital part of an industry that is not just burgeoning in scope, but also delivers a service that is in constant demand. With our strong support and proven system, you can venture into business ownership with minimal risk and maximum potential for success.

Hear From Some Of Our Franchisees

Cleaning franchise opportunities

“We have found the SelectCleaning training & support have helped us to get our business started really quickly. Not only have we got the security of our guarantee, but we have also got our own work.”

Melbourne cleaning business for sale

“Having a SelectCleaning business was the tastest way for us to realise our dream of owning a business. We feel we are now on the ladder to success with the safety of the Double Business Guarantee. With the company's support we are earning money easily and have a great lifestyle.” — SIMON & HELEN

Cleaning Franchise FAQs

Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?

Investing in a cleaning franchise can be a good investment if you are interested in the cleaning industry and are looking for a proven business model to follow. A cleaning franchise provides a solid framework for starting and growing your business, with the support and guidance of an established brand.

What kind of background or experience do I need to have to be successful as a house cleaning franchisee?

While prior experience in the cleaning industry can be helpful, it is not always necessary to have a background in cleaning to be successful as a house cleaning franchisee. The most important qualities for success in this role include strong management skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, good communication skills, and a willingness to learn and follow the established franchise system.

What are the advantages of buying a house cleaning franchise instead of starting my own cleaning business?

The advantages of buying a house cleaning franchise include access to a proven business model and brand recognition, training and support from the franchisor, marketing and advertising support, and the ability to leverage the purchasing power of the franchise network to obtain discounted supplies and equipment.

What kind of training and support can I expect to receive from Select Cleaning?

Select Cleaning provides comprehensive training and ongoing support for its franchisees, including initial training on the company's cleaning techniques and procedures, business management training, and ongoing coaching and support from the franchisor's team of experts.

Will Select Cleaning help me find cleaning clients?

Select Cleaning provides marketing and advertising support to its franchisees, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each franchisee to build and maintain their own client base.

How much flexibility will I have in terms of setting my own schedule and choosing my own clients?

As a franchisee, you will have some flexibility in setting your own schedule and choosing your clients, but there may be certain guidelines and restrictions in place that are established by the franchisor.

Are there any restrictions on the geographic area in which I can operate my house cleaning franchise?

Select Cleaning may establish certain geographic territories for each franchisee, which may limit the areas in which you can operate your business.

How many other franchisees are there in Melbourne, and will I be competing with them for business?

The number of other Select Cleaning franchisees in Melbourne may vary, and there may be competition between franchisees for business. However, the franchisor typically takes steps to minimise competition between franchisees and ensure a fair distribution of business opportunities.

How much experience and involvement will I have in actually cleaning houses, versus managing a team of cleaners?

As a franchisee, your level of involvement in cleaning houses versus managing a team of cleaners is ultimately up to you. However, it is important to have a strong understanding of the cleaning process and techniques in order to effectively manage and train your team.

Do I need to have my own insurance or am I covered by Select Cleaning?

As a franchisee, you will typically need to obtain your own insurance coverage to protect your business and assets. Select Cleaning may provide guidance and recommendations for insurance providers, but ultimately it is the responsibility of each franchisee to obtain appropriate coverage.

Are house cleaning prices set by Select Cleaning or can I set my own pricing?

While Select Cleaning may provide some guidance on pricing, ultimately each franchisee has the flexibility to set their own prices for cleaning services based on their local market conditions and business needs.

What kind of ongoing support and resources will I have access to as a franchisee?

Select Cleaning provides ongoing support and resources to its franchisees, including access to a network of other franchisees for peer support and advice and regular training and coaching to help manage your business. The franchisor's team of experts is also available to provide guidance and support on a range of business-related issues as needed.

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