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We keep your world fresh & sparkling clean... so you don’t have to!

Why Choose Select Cleaning

Here are the six most common reasons why each day more people are choosing Select Cleaning to clean their homes in Melbourne.

Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when deciding to hire a Melbourne cleaner is the issue of security. Through our careful selection process we are able to eliminate any concerns you may have regarding both the safety of your possessions and the respect of your privacy. The Select Cleaning people who enter your home have all been through an intensive selection process to ensure they are both honest and reliable. Our cleaners have all been thoroughly security checked to further guarantee your peace of mind. SelectCleaning is an honest reliable company, with honest reliable people.

We Know That Cleaning Hygiene Matters

Cleaning hygiene is as important to us as it is to you. Fresh cleaning cloths are used in every home we clean. Plus our cleaners follow specific procedures to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are achieved while cleaning your home. We will explain more on these processes during our first meeting.

You Can Still Be Fussy

We aim to please, by exceeding your expectations in every way. At Select Cleaning we monitor the quality of our service to you on a regular basis. This enables us to provide you with the very best result possible – your home beautifully cleaned, and just the way you like it.

Here's how it works:

  1. We provide a communication book so you can record any specific instructions or issues for us to be aware of when we carry out your home cleaning.
  2. We call you from time to time to ensure your satisfaction with our service
  3. We carry out regular performance checks to ensure our cleaners are meeting the required standards.
  4. We ensure any minor issues are identified and resolved before they become a problem.

We Love Cleaning, You Don’t

With our excellent cleaning services combined with our rigorous selection process, we can ensure that the SelectCleaning people are the best, our cleaners are also owner operators, with a real vested interest in keeping you, their customer, happy.SelectCleaning people are professional, intensively trained owner-operators who take real pride in their work. Your SelectCleaning cleaner will take better care of your home than you can.

Professionals Do A Better Job

SelectCleaning invest time in training their team, so they really do know more about cleaning. Our training programmes ensure your cleaner understands different surface types and the most efficient and effective way to take care of them. All SelectCleaning people are professionally trained before being appointed to a client and are committed to extending their knowledge of new techniques and products that may improve the service they offer

We Take Responsibility

We recognise the negative impact of solvents and petrochemicals on the environment, and the need to help reduce the contamination of our rivers, streams and oceans. SelectCleaning does not pretend to be the perfect environmental example, but we have reviewed our own procedures and use the most appropriate products available.

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